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Testimonials from Parents

Riverston School offers a uniquely, safe and supportive environment for children of all ages. What we love about the school is the way staff works tirelessly as a team to understand and encourage every individual pupil, stretching their talents and addressing their needs. Whether you child is a bright spark or someone who has struggled up to now, there is no danger of being lost at Riverston. Every child has a special place and the chance to succeed in a small school where everyone looks out for everyone else. Before we discovered Riverston, our child was struggling to make any friends. He lacked any confidence and was constantly at risk of being led astray by others. He is now at ease within a community that respects him and which he respects, enjoying the company of children of all abilities. We are confident that he can learn in his own way, stretched to achieve things he might not initially feel capable of, but not pressurised into situations or tasks that would upset or stress him out. As parents we have felt welcomed into the Riverston community. Nothing is ever too much trouble. We would not hesitate to recommend Riverston School to others.

Mr & Mrs W - Yr 6 boy


Our son who has a diagnosis of ASD moved from Primary school to a large state secondary. At the end of the first year we decided to move him because his education and well-being were suffering in the environment of such a large school.
In contrast Riverston has presented a holistic and inclusive educational setting for the last two years, with visible results.
All staff are involved at every level with the child’s welfare and development. We have particularly benefited from the Head’s personal involvement in our child’s integration into the Riverston approach

Yr 8 parent


When [my son] was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, soon after birth, we imagined that his education would have to look very different to that of his big sister.
As we approached the time when we needed to choose a school for him, we looked around and felt that the state sector would be better placed to address and manage his needs. Unfortunately this proved to be a far more challenging route than we had expected as we came up against barriers we simply didn’t anticipate. At the eleventh hour, we still had no place for [my son] to start school and all doors to other schools appeared to be closed.
This was when friends of ours suggested we looked at Riverston. This proved to be a turning point in our expectations for our son’s education. After a few telephone calls, we met with [Director of SEN], who showed us around the school and discussed with us what was possible. After a short assessment at nursery and at the school, [my son] was offered a full place at Riverston, something he was being denied locally.
From the very first day, [my son] has loved school and made friends quickly. Most importantly he is clearly learning.
[My son] has just completed his first term at Riverston and the difference it has made is immeasurable. His form teacher is simply amazing with him, ensuring that he is fully integrated with the class and doesn’t make any exceptions for him! He has a speech and language therapist, who has made a massive difference in both the size of his vocabulary and his use of independent words.
When he started in September he was unable to repeat words, but now he tells our friends and family that he is going to school. He even calls me ‘Mummy’ a word I have been waiting for….. He loves taking part in all the activities with the rest of the class, and even attends the after school football and ICT clubs as well as having drumming lessons at school.
By attending Riverston School, [my son’s] needs have really been embraced. In addition his strengths have been harnessed in such a way as to produce an even more confident but calmer and less frustrated little boy who simply adores going to school.
We too have learned that [my son’s] education doesn’t have to look different just because he has additional needs.
Thank you Riverston!!!"

Parent of boy in Reception Class


I have two boys at Riverston School, [son]aged 8 and [son]aged 5. Both boys are flourishing. [Son] is achieving over and above what is expected of him in Year 1, especially in maths and he is happy in his environment.
[Son] is autistic and his attendance at Riverston has had a huge impact on his progress. When [son] came to the school during the reception year, he would curl up on the floor and rock, he did not want to engage with anyone, attend assemblies or P.E. and he could not cope with the dining hall. His receptive language was very poor and his confidence limited.
Now in year 4 [son] is flying. He is a confident happy little boy who participates in P.E., attends all the assemblies including ‘special’ assembly events such as Mother’s Day, Harvest Festival, the Nativity and sings in church in the Christmas carol service at the end of the Autumn term. He also narrates stories to all the lower school in daily assemblies.
He can recollect events, which he has learnt in history, his understanding of language is improving all the time with the help of his Speech and Language Therapist and his teachers carrying out 1:1 therapy with him. My biggest hope was that one day [son] would learn to read and write and now I can say that [son] and Riverston have achieved this. He started taking an interest in writing and the meaning of words during the last year and now he is coming on in leaps and bounds, and improving all the time.
Both boys have good relationships with their peers, have respect for their teachers and above all, enjoy school. What more could you ask?

Mrs S - Yr 1 & Yr 4 boys


Our daughter, [daughter] was previously at a selective independent school. Although she seemed happy and had friends, she did really struggle with the academic work because of a diagnosed dyspraxia and an auditory processing disorder. We were concerned about how her difficulties would affect her self-esteem as she got older in this environment and the school were unable to support her entry into Year 4.
We were delighted to find a school such as Riverston and have found it suits [daughter] perfectly. It is non-selective, but there is still plenty to stimulate and challenge her in the classroom and in the many extra-curricular activities. She settled in very quickly and made friends, helped by the excellent pastoral care both in the classroom and beyond. The class size is very small and has both an experienced class teacher and assistants. She has found that she is able to work much more independently because she ‘understands how to do the work more’. There is an excellent reward system and for especially good work there is a special visit to the headmistress.
Riverston Plus provides specific extra help and [daughter] has weekly sessions with a visiting Speech and Language Therapist which is well co-ordinated and very useful.
The school has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and even after her first term we are able to see the positive effect it is having on [daughter] learning.

Dr & Mrs F - Yr 4 girl


Our son started Riverston when he was 11 years old. We wanted to find a small, nurturing and caring school as our son needed to be encouraged academically and we found Riverston ticked all the boxes. He has been, and is, very happy at school. Riverston has a very friendly atmosphere and the teachers are able to be friends with the children but still have the respect they need in order to do their job properly. As parents we have been very happy with the school as has our son

Yr 10 parent


Riverston has given both of our girls the best foundation any parent could ask for. We have seen them change into well rounded, mature and independent little ladies who we hope will continue to excel and build on the skills and knowledge they have acquired from staff and the school as a whole.
I hope the school's success continues and would like to wish yourself and all of the team at Riverston every success for their future and "Thank You" all again.