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Return to School

Return to school

We understand the anxiety and trepidation that this invokes for both our students and their families following a break from school. This was certainly the case when pupils returned in September following the initial COVID lockdown, but returning to school again following a long period of remote learning also poses a difficulty for many too.

With the imminent return to full time schooling as of 8 March, we continue to work tirelessly to ensure we are fully prepared to make our students feel safe. We hope to carefully balance the aim of returning to normality as much as possible, with ensuring we adhere to the advice and requirements provided by the Department of Education.

With the Gov.Uk and DfE guidance and instructions to mass test all pupils on their return to school, we have created a pictorial booklet for them to see and understand what will happen with lateral flow testing. Inevitably, some pupils will be worried and anxious about having to go through this process, but we have a sympathetic and supportive team at hand who will take good care of them. Please take the time to look at the photos of the testing station and help your children feel confident that this is a beneficial and necessary exercise to ensure that everyone at Riverston School remains safe and healthy. 

COVID Testing - What to expect when you come to school and how the testing works PDF icon

The following document provides a picture and information about the changes your child would have seen around school in September, but it is also relevant to remind them about school when they return as it is easy to forget what the school was like weeks and months ago.

How to do your test COVID-19 instruction leaflet for schools.pdf 

Social Story: Returning to School- Safety Measures and Testing 


Return to School Map

The booklet below provides resources, advice and activities to help students think about their return to school and how it makes them feel. It also encourages our students to think positively about things they may be looking forward to and consider the reality of things they are worrying about.

While the booklet is absolutely not compulsory, and resources may be used how parents and carers see fit, we ask that you complete some of the relevant areas with your child. 

Please note: If you require the booklet printed and sent via post, or an enlarged version for those with Visual Impairments, please get in touch at gbaker@riverstonschool.co.uk.

 Additional resources

Below you will find year specific social stories about the return to school.

In this section is a variety of social stories and resources from various websites that may help you prepare your child for the changes both within school and in broader society. The concept of ‘social bubbles,’ and ‘social distancing’ as well as the pandemic as a whole are challenging subjects for young people. We hope some of these resources will be helpful in helping to explain.

Please take time to look at the origin of the documents and explore the websites from which they have been taken. We thank authors for sharing and suggest our parents and carers visit the sites to find other useful links to support young people.

What is COVID 19 storybook

With thanks to author Manuela Molina- www.mindheart.co/descargables

Pandemics and the Coronavirus

With thanks to author Carol Grey - www.carolgraysocialstories.com/

Social Distancing at School


Seeing Other People Wearing Masks

With thanks to author Tara Tuchel - www.autismlittlelearners.com/

How to Support Your Child- Coronavirus

 Useful websites