Riverston School

Riverston School

Bespoke Learning for Life

Our Specialisms

We are a school welcoming children into our Nursery from 9 months of age, and running all through until Sixth Form (Sixteen Plus) and beyond.

Alongside our mainstream educational provision, we have specialist expertise in supporting children with a wide range of speech, language and communication difficulties.  These may include bilingual children and children for whom English is an additional language; dyslexia and dyscalculia; listening, attention and auditory processing difficulties; ADHD; ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) and Asperger's Syndrome; organisation of ideas; and children who are having difficulties using language to reason, discuss and explain. However, we do not consider children who demonstrate social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD) or those with a global development delay which restricts their access to a mainstream curriculum. Please also see our Admissions page for more details.

Our team of Speech and Language Therapists are expert in the assessment and support of these children and uniquely work alongside our highly specialist and trained teachers as part of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals all focused on developing and implementing a bespoke Riverston education plan for each child.

Speech, language and communication needs can become apparent very early in a child's development, and early intervention in Nursery or the Early Years of school is often highly effective.

As well as Speech and Language Therapists, our in-house team also comprises Occupational Therapy, Counselling and Nursing support.