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Riverston enters work for the ISA Digital Art Competition

Recently we have entered seven of our Riverston pupils into the ISA Digital Art Competition.


Pupils across all year groups were invited to take part.


In Year 8, pupils were studying the theme of ‘Food and Diet’ so for this particular task pupils first created an original Hamburger including all their favourite ingredients using different materials such as paper, pasta and cardboard. These were later scanned in, enabling pupils to add and edit, giving their art work a very different look and outcome.




The Year 10 pupils worked on their digital art pieces as part of their BTEC Coursework in lessons, their theme was ‘London Culture’.  Each pupil studied the work of various famous collage artists such as Hannah Hoch before going on to produce a very creative, unique collage of their own which was then scanned in and edited using Photoshop.

We all very proud of the effort and enthusiasm our pupils have put in to their work and creativity.

Our fingers are crossed as we await the outcome. Well done to you all and good luck!