Our Ethos

Riverston School is:

Inclusive - we welcome children of all backgrounds, talents and faith, to learn and develop together as a close-knit community.  

If we feel that we can meet the individual needs of a child, and this is based on their ability to access the curriculum on offer, and behave in such a way that the unique dynamics of our nurturing and caring setting is not affected, we will consider a placement for the pupil. It is crucial for the school to maintain a calm and non disruptive environment which enables pupils to have the opportunity to progress academically, pastorally and socially, in safe and caring surroundings. In this respect we will not consider pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD) or with complex social, emotional and mental health conditions (SEMH) for placements, or have a global development delay which restricts their access to a mainstream curriculum. Our intake for pupils with additional educational or SEND needs and who have an EHCP from a local authority has a starting point in Year 4 and continues all the way up to Sixth Form.    

After careful consideration, successful candidates will be invited to visit the school and participate in  school-life for up to 4 days when we will observe and monitor their activities for suitability.  This allows us to understand the very unique qualities and needs of each child and develop a bespoke Riverston plan for them. 

Personalised - we recognise that every child is different, and that they will develop, grow and learn at different rates and in different ways.  And so our teaching, and our support, encouragement and motivation for each child recognises these differences and is personalised and individualised for them.

Multi-disciplinary - our highly qualified and experienced teachers work alongside speech and language therapists, an occupational therapist, counsellor, and learning support specialists to meet any additional learning needs that a child may require at specific times in their development and school career.

Aspirational - we believe that every child has talents and abilities that should be nurtured and developed.  We will stretch and challenge every child, whilst supporting and encouraging them to achieve more than they might believe possible.