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Riverston School

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Key Policies

The following policies can be downloaded from this page, by clicking on the links below:

Riverston Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy Addendum

COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy Addendum January 2021

COVID-19 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum March 2021

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Welfare, Pastoral and Behaviour Policy including Anti-Bullying

Relationship and Sex Education (RSE)

Riverston School Privacy Notice

Riverston Data Protection Policy

In common with all schools, Riverston operates under a wide range of policies and procedures which are designed, developed and implemented to ensure that children, staff and visitors remain safe within the school, are fairly treated, that the school operates within all applicable laws and regulations which govern the operation of schools, and that the school can consistently deliver the highest quality of education and support to our students.

These policies, procedures and documents include:

  • Admissions Policy, misbehaviour and exclusions:
  • Curriculum Policy;

  • Health and Safety Policy;

  • First Aid Policy;

  • Academic performance, including public examinations
  • The Head Mistress' Annual  Report 

  • Complaints Procedure
  • Inspection Reports

The list above is not exhaustive. Parents are always welcome to contact the school office to request general information or specific policies in relation to the organisation and operation of the school.