Celebrating great moments at school

This page is dedicated to celebrating all that is great at Riverston School, whether or not that is through individual effort or team successes.

Please return regularly to view the latest celebration. 

Poem to our Founders

By Daniel Smith, Poet Laureate

As winter weaves her frozen web

children battle to rise from bed

Christmas cheer has long since passed

And New Year promises are fading fast


Yet still we look to this memorable day

That celebrates our founders and the roots they laid

On coldest days, her branches bloom

Keeping us safe and warm from winter’s gloom


The playground bustles and roars with triumph

And the classrooms whisper with quiet compliance

But when the rush has met its end

The silent echoes gradually descend


Our hallways whisper of days since passed

And all the uniqueness that here was cast

Texts book sing with stories told

With names inscribed, the guard of old


Each passing voice that flickers by

Has resilience and courage in huge supply

So to our Founder’s we owe this debt

They built these memories, so we never forget.


Celebrating sporting prowess in ball skills. Year 8 and Year 9

developing volleyball techniques



 Year 11 Hospitality and Catering GCSE Food Practical - American Theme

The students prepared an American themed menu and served up a delicious meal to staff at lunchtime.

Congratulations on all your hard work during the morning, and well done for producing such brilliant cooking.