Junior School

Our Junior School at Riverston - from Reception through to Year 6 - is a journey of adventure and discovery.

Underpinned by a focus on developing a solid academic foundation, our creative curriculum engages and inspires.  Based on our community's wonderful diversity, national and international events, and the issues affecting different communities, the children increasingly take ownership of their learning as they enquire about and discover the world around them - Speaking, Listening, Writing and Problem Solving all along the way.

Outdoor learning is a key part of Riverston life, giving children a chance to push their own boundaries and develop their resilience and problem solving skills both emotionally and physically, further developing each individual as a whole.  Our Forest School programme informs and extends classroom learning in all areas of the curriculum, allowing practical development and application of skills, enriching the school experience and fostering community spirit and team work.

Riverston children are active children.  Forest School runs alongside specialist sports provision which includes dance, trampoline, volleyball, swimming, karate, rugby and gymnastics.  

London is an extraordinary city, and an exceptional educational asset.  Our children engage with the history and geography of the city on trips to landmarks all around London and its surrounding areas - learning through experience is a powerful tool.  As the children get older, the opportunity to move on from day visits to short residential trips is made available to support their continued development into inquisitive, resourceful and more independent youngsters.

Come and visit our Junior School - you are always welcome.