The ethos of Riverston School is that of helping every child fulfil their potential, through a genuinely bespoke and child-centred, multi-disciplinary approach to education.

There is no entrance examination for admission to Riverston, however we do ensure that any potential entrant to school meets our criteria with regards to behaviour expectations and is able to access the curriculum being taught. If a pupil meets these requirements following a review of the previous school's reports or the documentation submitted for us to review, and we feel that our ethos and setting is suitable for the student, we would consider the student for admission. In this way we ensure that any new pupil does not affect the dynamics and nurturing environment that our present pupils experience. Children looking to enter the Junior or Senior School, or Riverston's Sixth Form department, will then be invited to participate in the life of the school for up to 4 days. This allows us to understand the very specific and unique abilities, learning styles and needs of each and every child. Children can join at any point during the school year or term. 

Children are made to feel very welcome during these 'taster days' and are 'buddied' with other pupils who support them during their stay. They participate fully in the life of the school and this will allow the staff team to get a detailed understanding of the needs of the child, and to determine whether we are able to fully meet those needs.  

Admission to Riverston Nursery follows a similar process.  Following an enquiry to the Nursery, we will contact you to arrange a visit to view the nursery facilities and meet the nursery staff.  Nursery 'settles' can also be arranged for each child to visit and spend a short period within their allocated room to ensure every child is eased into their new environment by meeting the other children and staff. Sessions can then be agreed with the Nursery Manager.