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Riverston School provides a warm, caring and stimulating environment where children can learn new skills. We excel at providing each child with the right skills to prepare them for life in the wider world. We are part of a community characterised by a profound respect for and encouragement of diversity, where important differences among children and adults are celebrated. What drives us is ensuring our students have the best possible life chances and that they are not limited by the  perceptions of themselves and what they might achieve in life.

We value respect, honesty and kindness. We look out for one another and we are tolerant and accepting of each other’s differences. We are a family school and families look out for one another. Every child is different, every class is different, and every year group is different. One size rarely fits all. The challenges in education continue and will test our courage to stick to what we believe in, which is that education should be fair and every child should be valued. That is the cornerstone of our beliefs at Riverston.

Mr David A T Ward, MA