Inspection Reports

Riverston School is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI).  Our last full inspection was in January 2014, and the full report of that inspection can be accessed through the link below:


Download our 2014 ISI Inspection Report here


A selection of some of the observations, judgements and comments from the report are highlighted here:


Pupils are well educated in accordance with the school’s aims, demonstrating a range of academic, social, physical and creative skills. Pupils show good levels of understanding, knowledge and ability across the curriculum. They listen well, read efficiently and with good expression, and become increasingly articulate and confident. Younger pupils are able to hold simple dialogues and express their views clearly. For example, lower school pupils spoke knowledgably about the Fire of London. Year 11 pupils confidently expressed balanced opinions about the school’s system of rewards and sanctions.


The personal development of pupils is excellent throughout the school including the EYFS. Pupils show respect in their relationships with all, and enjoy taking on positions of responsibility. They respect other faiths and enjoy learning about other cultures within the harmonious culture of the school. They have a clear sense of right and wrong. Pupils develop a range of life skills. The quality of pastoral care provided throughout the school and in the EYFS is excellent. Good behaviour and healthy eating are strongly encouraged and the pupils’ achievements celebrated regularly.


The senior management team provides clear educational direction which leads to particular strengths in pastoral matters. The excellent personal development of the pupils, and the warm supportive atmosphere of the school, are the result of the nurturing ethos that has been created and enhanced by the strong leadership and management provided by those with pastoral responsibilities, in accordance with the school’s aims to build confidence and self-esteem and prepare the pupils for the next stage of their education.


Since that 2014 full ISI inspection, the school has received short notice visits from ISI for compliance purposes in July 2015, and again in July 2016.  The report of that most recent visit can be accessed via the following link:


Link to ISI July 2016 Visit Report