Games / PE / Fitness

The PE and Games programme at Riverston is vital in ensuring that every student appreciates the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. The programme is specifically designed to help students develop their fitness levels, motor skills, strength and love of sport. Sport for life is actively encouraged and boys and girls of all ages are given a variety of opportunities in which to explore their own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes.

We realise the importance of aerobic exercise and want every child to enjoy getting out of breath, therefore team games are actively encouraged, as are competitive and representative sport. Riverston has had many National Champions over the years in athletics, swimming, cross-country, football and most recently karate.

Swimming is a very important part of the PE curriculum and we strive to help every pupil become a strong, competent swimmer. We are very fortunate to have a brand new swimming pool just up the road in Eltham High Street, where boys and girls visit to improve their technique and stamina. We also hold an early morning Swimming Club once a week, for the very dedicated swimmers to attend.

Football, rugby, gymnastics, dance, badminton, tennis, rounders, hockey, climbing, cross-country, basketball, volley ball, netball and trampolining are some of the other activities included in the PE programme at Riverston

Sports Leadership Programme

The Level 1 Sports Leadership qualification is a nationally recognised qualification and provides the ideal starting point for learners wishing to develop their leadership skills. It is a practical course that aims to give learners an idea of what is required to lead activities within a sports session successfully. Leadership is the primary focus and the assessment of learners should be made on their leadership skills and not their sports ability. Learners lead lessons under the direct supervision of a teacher and must be a minimum age of 13 years of age however, there is no upper age limit. The Level 1 course runs for approximately 33 guided learning hours although will depend on individuals prior experience, attitude and skills. The learner covers six units from planning and leading a sporting activity to the role of the official.